Lands of Antiquity is a new campaign I’ll be running for some friends using 5th edition dungeons and dragons.

The campaign begins as the players join a convoy of ships leaving the old world and making the perilous crossing of the Sea of Storms. The voyage can only be made in in the short span of days around the summer equinox. During the rest of the year the Sea of Storms is a horrible maelstrom of chaotic winds and storms, icebergs, waterspouts, and whirlpools. Even crossing at the equinox, it’s not a safe journey.

Seventy years ago, before the downfall of the Ninth Circle Mages, the journey was impossible. But with the fall of the Ebony Tower, and death or imprisonment of most of the Ninth Circle , the spells that created the hellish weather have begun to fade. But it may be centuries before the seas return to normal.

At journeys end, our players will find the seaport city of Haven, one of three towns that have been founded in this newly rediscovered land.

Lands of Antiquity