Lands of Antiquity

A perilous voyage.
or "how to make dead pirates play nice"

Crossing the Sea of Storms in a large ship during high summer is considered risky, at best. But crossing late season? In a small ship? Very dangerous! Add in a crew of crazed marfang halflings, a Captain with an adrenalin addiction, and a female half orc for first mate, and it’s an Adventure!

Despite the storms and hurricane winds, everything was going well. Right up to the point the ship went aground on the rocks of an unknown island. Well “unknown-small chunk or rock and coral”. Not a place to spend any time, with the storm season only a few days away. While the ship was being pulled off the rocks at high tide, Charlie and Cooper decided to take a nap. Naptime was interupted by a large sucking sound as the sand in a nearby tidal pool into a sinkhole, revealing a crude set of stone stairs going into darkness.

One bad idea leads to another and our boys are deep underground in the tomb of the last ship that got beached here. A few of the dead had to be reminded to quite moving, and the lads traded a few scrapes and cuts (or sucking chest wound in Charlie’s case) for some mysterious maps and an ancient rutter. Who knows where this will lead to?

Eventually they waved goodby to Captain Ho and the crew of the Black Shark, and entered into the City of Haven, where we’ll meet up with a few more people next week and go looking for more trouble.


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