Ahmal Jahan , Duke of the Border

Jahan led his people from dry lands of the Border to a an ancient land across the seas.


An elderly warrior, far past his prime. At 80 years of age Jahan will not see any battles unless they be desperate ones. He still has the keen mind of his youth, and is in good health. Well loved by his people, he seeks to do as much work for them as he can in his remaining years.

Jahan is now a little under 6’ tall, but not stooped with age. His skin is dark and shows a lifetime of wind and sun. What little of his hair is left is a dark grey, and pulled back into a braid at the base of his neck. He generally wears the light leather armor used in the desert for Border Riders and a Kaftan of white cloth with matching headscarf. The habits of his first 30 years on the Border have stayed with him, even in these new lands.


The firstborn heir to the Duke of the Border, Jahan became Duke at the age of 27. He had been an accomplished warrior and Border Rider since the age of 14, and was well respected by both the Duke’s Guard and his people. Seeing that the changes in the land would soon lead to the starvation of his people, he sold his lands, his title, and all possessions to purchase a fleet of ships and supplies to colonize mysterious lands beyond the Sea of Storms. While some of his subjects and kinsmen elected to stay in the ever shrinking Borderlands, most accompanied him, and more have immigrated in the years after his ships returned seeking more colonists.

Ahmal Jahan , Duke of the Border

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