Haven Dockside

The Dockside area of Haven is nearly a city unto itself. While the only permanent buildings are mostly warehouses, and taverns, their are also up to a dozen merchant vessels at anchor most years. These ships become floating trading posts as they sell the goods they’ve brought from the Old World, and fill their holds with trade goods brought into Haven, before making the perilous journey home the next summer.

Notable Buildings:
Port Authority: All ships coming into port must register with the Duke’s Port Master, give an accounting of goods entering the Port, and the names of passengers. The Duke is curious about new arrivals, and passengers are encouraged to report to the Port Master as well, who takes minimal information from each. Many passengers with useful skills such as cobblers or stone wrights find jobs quickly, as the Duke is eager to hire many skilled workers.

The Rusty Hook: A dockside tavern and brothel frequented by dock workers.

Tannery Row: Because of the horrible smell, the Tannery and leather works are located out along the far edge of the bay.

Haven Dockside

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