Marfang Islands

The Marfang Islands are a bewildering area of small islands, coral reefs, and rocky shoals in the Western Ocean. Mountainous will little flat land, they support only small villages and a few fishing and trading ports. The largest of these is Port Skuldy, located on the largest of the islands, surrounded by many smaller bits of land. Port Skuldy is only reachable by medium to small ships, and a local guide to point out the latest position of the constantly shifting sand bars.

The only inhabitants of these islands are the Marfang Halflings. How they came to inhabit them, and when, is a mystery the locals don’t really talk about. The local tides and weather are much more interesting to them than what happened long ago, or why.

The Marfang Halflings are know for the skill of their sailing, and the absolute lack of fear they have for the weather and sea. While they respect the ocean, they don’t fear it, and will happily test themselves in conditions that any other sea captain would steer clear of.

It was a Margfang Captain, Finian Bowspit, who first discovered the passage across the Sea of Storms to the Lands of Antiquity, and later guided the first of ships belonging to Ahmal Jahan , Duke of the Border that colonized City of Haven.

Marfang Islands

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